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The most technologically advanced dockless electric bike in the world

With over 15 years of experience in the bike sharing market, we can offer what you are looking for,
from private bike sharing for companies and organisations to large city systems.

Who and Why

freebike – faster further freer funner

Across the developed world, over 70 % of journeys are less than 8 km, all of which can be comfortably ridden on a Freebike in less than half an hour. So we can imagine a world where most people cycle to their destination arriving before they do now, feeling free and full of joy and fresh air. We are a small company based in the UK and the Czech Republic, taking on the goliaths, and are grateful for every ride that you take. Keep telling us in the app after each ride what you like or do not like and we will try and make it just as you want it to be.

Freebike advanced features:

  • GPS / GSM monitor and control remotely
  • Accelerometer control the bike condition
  • Alarm - siren protect against thieves
  • Card reader rent a bike by swiping a card
  • Motor mode set max.speed & acceleration
  • Recuperation generate electricity by braking

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Recent Projects

Take a look at recent and featured projects that we have completed.

Our team of technology experts and creative designers work to deliver the best system for you. Here are some of our recent projects we have worked on.

What we offer

Bikes, smartbikes, ebikes, stations and software solution - backend, frontend, mobile apps.

Freebike brings 5th generation bike sharing, that allows a mix of electric bikes and pedal bikes and at the same time, a bike sharing system either with stations or without stations (virtual stations = hot spots or zones). Bikes & stations with two types of locking system - minimalistic G2 spike or robust G5 bar.

Learn more about software

Smart bike

Stationless system or compatible with G2 or G5 stations.

All system parts are specially designed to meet the specific bike sharing system needs.

  • security features

  • low maintenance

  • safety elements

  • easy to use

  • urban design

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More about the software for bikesharing

Award winning cloud based solution

Security & Reliability

When launched, the Feebike backend received the Microsoft Product of the Year award. All the data from the usage of the bikesharing system and the settings of the bike sharing HW & SW are stored in the cloud database hosted on Microsoft servers which guarantees an extremely high availability, security and reliability of the system.

Real-Time Comunication

The data, gathered from stations, registration & payment terminals, frontend and mobile apps in real time through web services or in the case of stations, through mobile GSM internet connection, are sent to the backend TKHS system.

High flexibility

There are many options of customizing the appearance of SW & HW and also the functionality. Our system provide wide range of unique functions & high flexibility. Every 3 months we upgrade all the bike sharing systems to the latest version of the software, free of charge.

More about bikesharing stations

Solar or electric powered

The stations are designed so that they can be operated without the need of a mains connection. The station is powered by a battery which is charged by solar power. Hybrid or e-bike sharing stations must be connected to the mains network.

High flexibility

We offer a wide variety of station configurations, we can accomodate the solution to your price preferences and location designed for the stations. Stations can be mouted to a steel base plate or directly to a flat surface.

Modular system

A station is composed of modules with locks, a CPU unit including battery power and a user interface (LCD touchscreen). Lock module can carry up from 1 to 6 locks. Different modules can be combinated to put together a station of any lenght and layout.

More about our bikesharing bicycles, smartbikes and ebikes

Our bicycles are offered in several designs, each with its own additional selection of components.

Urban design

  • Low step frame
  • Handlebars allowing upright sitting
  • Deep mudguards to protext clothes
  • Advertising mudguards or basket

Special modifications

  • Adjustable but not removable seat
  • Safety nuts and bolts
  • Integrated components (brakes, deraileur..)
  • RFID identification

Durable & low-maintenance

  • Robust frame, fork, rims, spokes
  • Antipuncture tires
  • Dirt-resistant brakes
  • Integrated derailleur in rear hub


  • Color (recommended luminous yellow)
  • 3/5/7/8 speed chain or shaft drive
  • Back-pedal / roller / drum brake
  • Dynamo or magnetic induction lights
  • Metal carrier or plastic basket


  • Disassembly only with a special tool
  • RFID identification in the station
  • Ebike alarm - siren
  • Ebike unauthorised movement notification
  • Smart & ebike real-time monitoring

Safety elements

  • Tires with reflective stripe
  • Pedals with reflectors
  • Front & rear lights & reflectors
  • Luminous color (recommended)

Let’s discuss your idea

Would you like private freebikes for your employees?
You can customize the scheme so that it can be free for employees or free during office hours and any number of other possibilities.

NHS Staff and Key Workers in London

June Update:

Just over 2 months ago, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Freebike mobilised quickly to provide a safe and efficient transport method for London’s key workers by launching our Freebike for Key Workers campaign.

Such has been the success of the scheme, we have been inundated with requests for access and have helped more than 750 key workers with free, unrestricted access to our bikes.

Between them, key workers have travelled over 45,000km on our bikes in the previous 2 months - an amazing feat! At our pre-COVID pricing, Freebike has saved key workers over £47,000 in rental fees.

Humbling feedback has shown how access to Freebike’s have helped key workers to avoid public transport, get some exercise, and, in numerous cases, their use is the highlight of the day!

Such was the demand for access, Freebike had to make the difficult decision to limit access to NHS workers and other select groups. This, in no way, diminishes the respect and admiration Freebike has for the wider Key Worker community, however, so as to maintain a usable shared service, and working with a skeleton operational team, it was important to limit our service in this way. We are sorry that we are unable to help more at this time but hope you understand our position.

If you are an NHS worker you can still apply for use by emailing although please note availability of our bikes is limited. For other key workers, we have a number of ways we can still help you with our private fleet for organisations and business, for example, guaranteeing availability for you and your colleagues. More information can be found here: